Web Hosting

The Internet is growing exponentially. It’s impossible to have an accurate count of the number of web sites. In the same time the Web hosting services are growing.

Not everybody have time enough to seek for Web hosts and to read all the offers. You need a little guidance on this category of services if you are not an expert or have not time enough to search and test the hosts by yourself.

A lot of offers for web hosting can be found on search engines but you need time to select the service that fits best your needs.

There are many web hosting companies who can host your website for free or for a fee. The wide range of features and cost variants can make a bit hard to choose a Web host for your website.

There are many variants of convenient and good webhosting and we’ll describe here what we consider interesting and good options. We have selected some important features offered by Web hosts.

Hosting services can be shared, dedicated and virtual dedicated.

You have to look for an adequate Web hosting service regarding your website type. You may need PHP or ASP support, MySQL Database. For business owners it’s important to have e-commerce options - Shopping Cart, and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

You have to look for Web / disk space, traffic / bandwidth and not the last thing, the price. Some web hosts offer only space for uploading your files, while others offer more, like free space, website builders, ready installed scripts, free DNS and so on.

Some web hosts do not provide services for website hosting but only for file hosting. Some of the file hosting companies offer even e-commerce features for monetizing your files downloads.

A powerful Web hosting  services can offer all this features and the support that you need.

What is a domain name?

DNS = Domain Name System

A hostname is a domain name assigned to a host computer. One domain name can be a hostname if it has an IP address assigned. All hostnames are domain names, but not all domain names are hostnames.

A domain name identifies you to other computers on Internet. Every domain name is unique and represents a set of numbers called an IP address.
For example, the IP of a website can have a form like If you type that number into Web browser’s address bar, or you type the corresponding URL address (e.g. http://www.websitename… com) either entry will take you to the same website.

Your domain name is your address on the web. You can choose a name which will be forming your URL.

Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is a synonym for Uniform Resource Identifier (URI).

Your website needs a DNS! Get a domain name for free or paid at your choice! Many Web hosting services offer free domain name.

Free and cheap shared Web Hosting

If you host your website with a free hosting account, you have to see what are the limitations for the service. The providers are interested to convert their free users into customers, upgrading their accounts to paid accounts (Premium).

“Shared” means that you share the same server wtih other customers.

If you have a small website which can have a small amount of visitors, you may look at a shared hosting plan, free or cheap.

Generally, the free web hosts obtain income from advertisements posted on your web pages free hosted or from upgrading to Premium services.

To host your website on a free account doesn’t give you the guarantee regarding the permanent presence on Internet.

If you need just a modest website for presentation, you can use the options with a free subdomain. The problem is that the subdomains are not accepted by certain Web directories. For a good image you need to buy a top level domain name.

A good web host have a technical service department with support by email and by phone. You can have an introductory or presale question and test the support service’s speed in responding to your questions. A good Web host must have a friendly and fast support service.

Your website must be fast loaded but this depend on server speed, bandwidth and on your website content.

Dedicated and virtual dedicated servers

For larger websites you may need a dedicated hosting plan, which is more expensive than a shared hosting plan, but you’ll benefit of a better performance, larger bandwidth, more traffic, streaming support.

Unlike shared Web hosting, Dedicated or Virtual Dedicated Servers are more expansive.

Virtual Dedicated Server is based on dividing a computer into many virtually isolated servers. It’s a server acting like a dedicated server but sharing the same hardware with other virtual dedicated servers. Virtual Dedicated Server is a part of a server divided in many Virtual Dedicated Server and this is why you share the use of the processor, memory and bandwidth.

With a Virtual Dedicated Server (or Private Virtual Server) you share the hardware of a server with other customers at a bigger price than shared hosting and smaller than dedicated Server. You can have unique IP address and root access.

If your website is not small and not too big, you may want to choose a Virtual Dedicated Hosting plan which fit your needs and gives a good performance for your website.

The hosting on a Dedicated Server is exclusive reserved for one single customer which rent it out. This means that your rented hardware is not shared and you have a reserved bandwidth for your website and you are not affected by other website’s usage and you receive a unique IP address and root access.

The Dedicated Servers are useful for intensive traffic, big databases, online games, online shops, chat, streaming for multiple simultaneous connections, or to resell Web space.