Advertising Online

Online Promotion
The Internet is an amazing way of advertising.
How can we advertise our business?
There are a lot of ways to make our message online visible: banners, text ads, forums, blogs, social media networks etc.

The Internet is a global expanding market and this means more new prospective customers worldwide.

The advertisement through Internet became a big business.

The main participants of the online advertisement business are:

- the advertiser;

- the provider of advertisement service;

- the publisher – he will display the ads on his website.

By advertising you attempt to persuade the audience to buy a product or a service from your company. The potential buyer could be attracted by your promotional offer, your brand, enticing means, incentives etc.

Online advertisement can be placed on many formats as following: text, audio – through podcasting or radio spots, videos, link images – banners, widgets etc.


 As an advertiser, you can order an online advertising campaign. By a campaign, your message toward your customers will be spreaded on a network of websites, where your ads could be viewed by a certain audience, according to your keywords.

When you order an online campaign by posting ads on websites, you have to choose from many methods. You pay for a period of time your ad to be displayed on certain websites no matter how many people could make a purchase by that link, or you pay only for certain results.

When you order a campaign of advertising, you have to choose from various types of charging, as followings: Cost per action, Cost per click, Cost per day, Cost per impression, Cost per mille, Cost per thousand, Pay for placement etc.

An “impression” is an advertising term that refers to someone seeing your ad. The number of impressions refers to the number of times people see your ad.

The advertising network must fit your business area. The audience must be in your target market.


As a publisher, you can monetize your website by adding ads on your Web pages. In order to do this, you need to open an account to a provider of advertisement campaigns. The providers can have some conditions of acceptance of websites in their network.

There are more ways to be paid: Pay per click (PPC), Pay per lead (PPL), Pay per impression (PPI), Pay per delivery (PPD), Pay per sale (PPS), Pay per action (PPA) etc.

The publisher will be provided with an account on the website of advertising agency, generally for free, where can be seen the evolution of the traffic conducted by his links.