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List of Televisions Web sites.

Many television stations start broadcasting on Internet. Broadcasting on Internet, or “webcasting”, is cheaper than traditional system by satellite transmissions.

Now you can find Web sites with feeds from many televisions which you can watch online. Television stations for: comedy, humor, show, documentaries, nature, science, technology, fashion, film, food, general subjects, health, history, music, news, religion, sport, travel, weather etc.


Comedy – Humor Show Televisions

Documentaries – Nature – Science – Technology

Fashion Televisions

Film Televisions

Food Televisions

  • Food Network – Shows how to cook.
  • Taste TV – Free video about news, restaurant reviews, clips.

General Subjects Televisions

  • ABC – Shows
  • BET – Black Entertainment Television. On Blast – free music videos and clips from shows.
  • Brilliant But Cancelled – Clips, full episodes, shows, interviews and behind the scenes.
  • BUD TV – Programms from Budweiser.
  • CBS – Shows
  • CMT Country Music TV – Free videos, shows, clips.
  • Court TV – Highlights, evidence, documents, and news.
  • CW TV – Shows, episodes, scenes and music from CW TV shows.
  • E! Online – Clips on entertainment news.
  • HGTV – Home and Garden Television – tutorials, clips.
  • History Channel – Science and Technology, Military and War, Explorations.
  • Lifetime – Behind the scenes clips, TV movies and shows.
  • NBC
  • SciFi Channel – Episodes, clips.
  • SoapNet – Clips, interviews, news, behind the scenes.
  • TV Guide – Online guide.
  • TVLand – Classic clips, interviews.

Health Televisions

History Televisions

Music Televisions

News Televisions

Religion Televisions

Sport Televisions

Travel Televisions

Weather Televisions

Romanian Televisions

Television Directories

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