Affiliate Marketing

If you already own an offline business you can expose it to online customers. Through Internet the market is global. No boundaries.

Online businesses allows you to work at home and spend more time with your family. If you have a computer and an internet connection, you already have the essential tools you need to create a business from the comfort of your own home.

There are a lot of businesses you can open online. You can sell your own products or sell products and services of others for a commission as an affiliate.

A product or a service can be sold by the producer himself or by his affiliates. As a producer or merchant, you sell your products directly to your customers or through an affiliate program. Affiliate marketing is an online business.

Affiliate programs help you to sell more and make more money. Your affiliates work for you. They help you to sell.

Your affiliates can generate revenue even when you are on vacation, but is not that easy to develop a business.

By affiliate marketing one producer can reach a large piece of the market through his affiliates.

With the affiliation programs, you can have the most effective way to have advertising for free and to pay a commission only when they refer a customer who makes a purchase from your company.

As an affiliate, first you need an Affiliate Account. Choose merchants and subscribe to Affiliate Programs you are interested in. You’ll find a wide variety of programs.

How to make money with an affiliate program?

As affiliate, your main task is to refer customers to the merchant Web site.

Every affiliates are provided with a link code that will count for their referred customers. 

Every affiliates have an unique affiliate ID which makes possible to record the leads in his own account. All the sales are tracked and you can see reports on days, months etc. with the amount of commission earned. You can earn only when your referee buy through your affiliate link.

You have to place your affiliate links on your website or high traffic websites: Message Boards, Classified Ads, or in email newsletters, articles etc.

If a customer clicks the affiliate’s link and goes on to make a successful purchase, then the affiliate will earn a commission rate set in his account.

The affiliate programs are more cost-effective than other types of advertising. It is an affordable way to earn traffic to your website, prospective customers and money.

As affiliate you have to promote your website in order your website to have big traffic and to be well indexed by search engines. Mainly, you need three essential things: content, traffic, valuable backlinks.

Affiliate marketing involves a few types of payment:

- pay-per-sale (PPS) – the merchant pay each time a referred visitor makes a purchase from his website;
- pay-per-click (PPC) – the commission amount is calculated based on the number of visitors who click on the link leading to the merchant’s website;
- pay-per-lead (PPL) – the total commission is calculated by the number of visitors to a merchant’s website who sign-up.

Direct customers to that company’s website and cash in commissions for each sale.

The only way to increase your affiliate revenue is by having a bigger traffic referred through your affiliate link.

For a larger exposure you have to use marketing materials – banners, text links, articles – offered by your merchant or created by you.

You have to increase the chances to lead more customers to your merchant. This means you have to write interesting articles where your affiliate links are inserted.

Submit your website URL to Search Engines, build your link network, monitor the traffic on your website and optimize it for a better indexing by search engines.

In order to learn the best methods that the online marketers use, you can take online lessons. There are a lot of marketing eBooks and articles where you can find important tips from successful businessmen.

Did you become a successful affiliate marketer? Now you can become an author and share your knowledge by writing articles and books.