“e-Commerce” or “eCommerce” means electronic commerce or online commerce.

The electronic commerce consists in selling and buying of goods on Internet or other computer networks.

The products and services can be sold on a website and shipped from warehouse to the consumer. The goods are virtually presented and is no need to transfer them into a traditional shop.

e-Commerce systems offer a cheaper, faster and easier access to customers world-wide and the market has no geographical barriers in this online system.

The shopping is now easier for everybody. From the comfort of your home you can choose goods and services and order online.

You can have your own online shop. You can sell your products or services or you can be a reseller or affiliate of a producer. As a reseller you have to sell the products of a producer selected by you. You’ll earn a commission for what is sold through your website.


What do you need for e-Commerce?

In order to sell goods you need a system of payment to send the money from customer to seller.

A merchant account allows you to accept credit card payments from your customers.

You need a bank account and a merchant account when you want to be responsible for the entire process of payment, or you’ll need a provider of payment services.

A provider of payment services will give you the possibility of acceptance of credit cards as a mean of payment, or other means like checks (cheques), email invoices, orders by phone, fax or mail. The credit card processors provide a secure payment gateway and the payment will not be achieved on your website.

When a customer wants to buy a product or a service that you sell on your website, the payment services provider take him on a secure webpage where all the data entered are kept safe. The URL begin with “https:”, where the “s” means that the transaction is encrypted.

The services can be sold in one transaction or more, as instalments, subscriptions, or by recurring billing.

The goods can be sold separated or more goods in a single purchase transaction. To sell more than one products or services in a single transaction you need a Shopping Cart.

A Shopping Cart is a software that allows customers to buy your products and services listed on your Web page or website. The customers can select many items from your list by clicking the “Buy” or “Buy Now” button and placing them like this into the cart. They can see the total amount and a list of their purchases on Shopping cart.

You can have a Shopping Cart hosted on the Shopping Cart provider’s website or as a licensed script.

The hosted Shopping Carts can be rented ready installed and all you have to do is list your goods for sale. The provider of hosted Shopping Cart will process the payment transactions for you. They have their own merchant account or they have an account at one payment services provider. For every transaction you’ll be charged a commission. You’ll pay your hosted services by the commissions of your sold goods or you’ll be charged a monthly fee. Some providers charge both. For hosted services you can be charged a set up fee, but not every providers do that.

If you have a Web server or have bought a web hosting package, you can buy a Shopping Cart script and install it on your web space.

By Shopping Cart you can set shipping taxes or other necessary fees. You can set discounts, bonuses or other enticing means for your customers.


Credit Card Processors

In order to accept credit cards on your payment gateway you’ll need an account with a credit card processor.

For credit card acceptance, you can choose a hosted shopping card already integrated with the credit card processor. This option can save you money and time. A simple way is to choose a ready-to-use payment solution that gets your website up and selling quickly.

With a big brand payment provider your customers will have the reliance to pay with their credit card. The payment gateway will not be on your website, but on your processor website on a secured session.

Customers shop on your website and pay on processor’s secured website. This is an easy way to start accepting credit cards online. A simple integration into your shopping cart allows your customers to pay securely.

When the customers buy with the shopping cart, they select the payment method and shipping address.


What can you sell?

You can sell conventional (physical) goods and digital goods.

After the payment, the physical goods must be sent to the customers with a shipping company.

The digital goods, or downloadable goods – audio files, text files, photographs, video files, graphic images, softwares, will be sold by downloading from your website or from a file hosting website.